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Freeman Decorating Sets Up Remote Proofing System

(April 2003) posted on Tue Apr 08, 2003

To help manage expectations for packages of trade-show graphics

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Each year Freeman Decorating Company helps produce about 3800 trade shows with 450,000 exhibitors. For event organizers and their clients, Freeman's graphic design and production team creates packages of graphics that range from basic informational signs to supersized, full-color murals and banners. Freeman's graphic team promotes its ability to match corporate brand and logo colors and give each event or exhibit a distinctive look.

Freeman's primary graphics-production facility in Chicago is equipped with three Vutek and Nur Salsa superwide solvent-system inkjet printers, a Mimaki JV4 inkjet printer for dye-sublimation, and various models of Encad NovaJet aqueous inkjet printers. In addition, 17 of Freeman's 24 branch offices throughout the US are also equipped with one or more Encad inkjet printers for the production of trade-show and event graphics.

Under the leadership of Operations Manager Harold Albaugh, Freeman Decorating recently set up a hard-copy remote-proofing system that uses Hewlett-Packard Designjet 10ps desktop inkjet proofers in each of Freeman's graphic-production sites. Each proofer is driven by the same Onyx PosterShop print-management software used to produce graphics on Freeman's diverse mix of aqueous, dye-sub, and solvent-system wide-format inkjet printers.

One goal of Freeman's remote-proofing system is to use the "freeman cmyk.icc" profile to help ensure that the wide-format inkjets at each graphics-production facility are outputting color the same way. During the hectic spring and fall trade-show seasons, big, multi-piece graphics packages are sometimes divided up, with files sent for output on the wide-format inkjet printers at Freeman's various branches. Any mismatches in colors are readily apparent when the various posters, signs and banners included in a graphics package are displayed near each other at an event or exhibit.