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Fujifilm Dimatix Adds Samba GMA Printheads

(June 2017) posted on Mon Jun 05, 2017

Featuring silicon MEMS technology.

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Fujifilm Dimatix has introduced the Samba GMA line of printheads based on silicon micro-electromechanical systems (Si-MEMS) manufacturing. The Samba GMA is a compact, low-voltage printhead for scanning applications including textiles, indoor signage, soft signage, and more. The Samba GMA 33 model features 384 nozzles, native 300-dpi resolution, and adjustable drop size from 5 to 18 pL. It is compatible with UV-curable, solvent, and aqueous inks. Features include RediJet continuous ink recirculation technology and VersaDrop multilevel grayscale.

The company will also be releasing a Samba G3L printhead for single-pass applications at a future date.