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GandiSoft RIP Released

(October 2008) posted on Tue Oct 14, 2008

Product will make setup and output easier.

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Gandinnovations has released GandiSoft, a software RIP that’s designed to meet the specific requirements of its Jeti printers and the production of large-format graphics. Created for Gandinnovations by ErgoSoft, the new RIP software works in concert with the job client, RIP server, and print queue to make for easier job setup and output, the company reports.

Standard on GandiSoft: a Hot Folder to automate workflow production; an i-Cut/contour-cut module; ErgoSoft’s ColorGPS ICC Profiler; multiple printer RIP queue; controls for shrinkage allowance and stretch compensation; global color replacement; color books that provide for a series of industry standard and custom spot colors; and an automated seam extension for creating banner pockets.