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GATF InterTech Technology Award Recipients Announced

(July 2008) posted on Tue Jul 29, 2008

10 technologies selected for 2008 awards.

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MetalFX, MetalFX Technology ( MetalFX is a printing system that creates thousands of metallic colors and effects in one pass on a five-color press. The result is a nearly unlimited selection of metallic colors without the expense of multiple spot inks. MetalFX colors are implemented at the design stage, where the designer creates artwork using the MetalFX color palettes and action sets. Regardless of the number of metallic colors specified by the designer, the MetalFX system requires only one extra ink. MetalFX silver or gold is printed first, followed by standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, used in their normal manner. The transparency of the CMYK inks permits the high luster of MetalFX base inks to shine through, creating an entire spectrum of metallic colors and effects.

MetalFX impressed the judges because of the vibrancy that can be achieved in printed pieces; its affordability compared to other metallic inks or foils; and its designer-friendly capabilities.

HiFlex MIS and Web2Print, HiFlex Corporation, North America ( HiFlex MIS, including eBusiness, Office, and Factory with Webshop and Print Support use JDF to leverage total automation of procurement, estimating, production planning, order entry, and scheduling. This streamlined workflow allows individual personnel to perform multiple, integrated roles in a centralized SQL Database. HiFlex MIS is configured to a printer's specific rules and equipment. Autopilot generates production plans and JDF files dynamically for every order. These JDFs are used to automate prepress, press, and postpress.

HiFlex Webshop provides multi-brand, open/closed storefronts. Online print buyers can create print product specifications dynamically, then automatically insert orders into HiFlex MIS, saving significant administration costs. Webshop is ideal for creating print orders of all types. HiFlex Print Support is a Web-based, JDF-enabled procurement tool that streamlines communications between buyers and vendors, simplifying and speeding up the procurement and cost analysis processes for both.

Judges especially liked this JDF-Certified system's remote contact management functions and the superior JDF integration of the HiFlex MIS.