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Getting it All at Graph Expo

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

From workflow and wide format, to finishing and fulfillment.

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By Clare Baker, Gregory Sharpless

ColorTune 5.0 comprises four separate parts: ColorTune Output 5.0, which creates ICC profiles for industrial inkjet printers and proofing devices as well as commercial sheet-fed and newspaper web presses; ColorTune Measure 5.0, which generates and measures printed color characterization targets with commonly used spectrophotometers; ColorTune Spot 5.0, which creates named color profiles for special colors (typically spot colors) from which spot-color libraries can be exported to design applications such as Illustrator and InDesign; and ColorTune Display 5.0, which calibrates and characterizes the LCD for consistent viewing of colors on screen. The last includes: ColorTune Display Helper, which monitors the active display profile and passes the information to company’s ApogeeX or Delano so that a controlled, accurate softproofing workflow is created.

In addition, Agfa announced:

* A new version, 4.0, of its ApogeeX workflow solution, which has been updated with several advancements, including the inclusion of Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, a new Digital QuickStrip (DQS) that allows the rendering of pages separately, and a new Software Update Manager (SUM) for quick and easy automatic upgrades and troubleshooting. The inclusion of Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, Agfa reports, allows users to do scalable native PDF rendering, thereby reducing the need for reworks and enhancing performance.

* The latest version of its Delano project-management system, Delano 3.0, now provides more functionality for prepress and print, including easier uploading of content, automatic conversion of spreads and spot colors, and integrated soft proofing (which saves client monitor conditions along with approvals and annotations).

* Secuseal 1.0, a new security solution for users who want to offer their customers advanced protection from piracy and unlawful duplication of designs on packaging, labels, and other printed materials. Applicable with all standard design workflows, Secuseal works with a set of plug-ins on Adobe Illustrator to create complex backgrounds or convert images into complex linework patterns. The four modules in the plug-in set allow specific security measures to be implemented directly on a printed design. With Secuseal, anti-counterfeiting measures of printed images will be easier to initiate and be more reliable, and imitations will be more easily recognizable, Agfa reports. The security level of an individual project can be determined by the designer, and the plug-ins are password-protected.