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Give Your Shop an Edge

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

More than 50 sources of cutting systems, routers, and trimmers.

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Saw Trax Manufacturing
The Saw Trax Sign Makers Package Series combines a panel saw and mat cutter in a single machine. Features include an Accu-Square Alignment System, powder-coated steel frame, and Makita 5007N saw. Available in 52-, 64-, and 76-in. frames. Cuts a variety of materials up to 1.75-in. thick, including MDO board, plastics, thin sheets of aluminum, Dibond, Fome-Cor, Sintra PVC, acrylics, Gatorfoam, Lexan, and more. The company offers a variety of other panel saws as well.

ShopBot Tools
Offers its PRSalpha gantry-based CNC routers, intended for wood, plastics, aluminum, and other materials, and available in sizes from 48 x 48- to 144 x 60-in. (nominal cutting area). Features cutting speeds up to 600 in./min and a step resolution of 0.0004-in. A line of entry-level PRSstandard CNC routers (48 x 48-in. and 96 x 60-in. cutting area) is also available; these can be upgraded to PRSalpha.

The EnduraCut, EnduraCut LX, and the EnduraCut Pro are 24-in. desktop vinyl sign cutters designed for short-run graphics; different bundle packages available for each. Also available: the Vinyl Express Q Series of vinyl sign cutters in 24- to 60-in. models with a 50-in./sec top speed.

SpeedPress Sign Supply
Its Rotary Multi Cutter can be used to cut banner vinyl, digital prints, films, cardboard, paper, and fabrics. Offers a 36-in. cut; built-in blade cover.

Summa USA
Its OPOS-CAM contour cutter was specifically developed for contour cutting printed graphics, signs, labels, vehicle wraps, and decals. It features Summa’s CameraControl recognition software, the Summa TrueTangential cutting head, and a top cut speed of 54 in./sec; cutting thickness up to 62.2 in. It’s available in 54- and 64-in. versions. Summa also produces: its Summa S Class 2 series of cutters, available as a high-speed Drag knife model (D Series) or as a True Tangential blade model (T Series), in 30- to 64-in. widths, and its SummaCut series of vinyl and contour cutters (30-, 48-, 54-, and 64-in. models), featuring a high-speed cutting head, OPOS-X contour cutting alignment, integrated media rollers, and more.

Its SignRouter series of CNC routers is designed specifically for signage and P-O-P graphics. The SignRouter 43 features a 61 x 121-in. fixed table, a 10-HP spindle, and an 11-position automatic tool changer; it can trim flat and three-dimensional printed graphics composed of wood, composites, chip core, rigid foam, plastics, non-ferrous metals, and other materials. The SignRouter 45, with table sizes from 5 x 10 to 7 x 12 ft, is also available.

Universal Laser Systems
The ILS12.75 is a versatile dual-laser compatible with a processing power range of 10 to 75 watts, designed and engineered for manufacturing environments. It offers a work surface area of 48 x 24 in. Universal offers a variety of other laser models, with work-area sizes as small as 12 x 16 in.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems
Offers three wide-format models of CNC routers/engravers in its lineup: the 2525 (25 x 25-in. table), the 2550 (25 x 50-in. table), and the VR48 (4 x 8-ft table); all three can cut 3D signs made of sign foam, wood, and more, and feature Vision Series 4 Controller and Vision Pro software.

Vytek Laser System
Its laser cutters are available in various models. The GX series laser cutting systems are based on an XY gantry style positioning table and feature sealed C02 laser tubes. In three sizes (working area): 52 x 52, 52 x 100, and 80 x 125 in. Can cut wood, steel, paper, acrylic, polyester, and more. Max. cutting speed is 1200 in./min. Its FX3 and LStar series of lasers are suggested for textiles.

Zünd America
The Zünd G3 Digital Cutter is available in 11 sizes, from 52 x 63 to 126 x 128 in., and can cut materials up to 2-in. thick. Users can combine up to three modules and tools to take on various graphics projects. Modules include the Universal Module, the Routing Module, the Punch Module, and the Marking Module. An array of tools are available, including the universal cutting and routing tools to the power rotary tool, creasing tool, universal drawing tool, and others. Material-handling systems include an automatic board loading and unloading, roll-off units, and a collection tray. Also available: the S3 Digital Cutter.