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GMG's ProofControl is Quality-Control System

(July 2004) posted on Tue Jul 27, 2004

ID number gives secure record of proofs

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GMG's ProofControl quality-control system
documents every proof with a specific
identification number, giving print
providers a secure customer record of
approved proofs. The ProofControl system
consists of ColorProof software (color
engine, profile editor/creator, Fogra Media
Wedge, and RIP), a GretagMacbeth spectrophotometer,
and output modules for
various printing devices.

Using the included spectrophotometer,
the media wedge is measured and the
resultant values are compared with stored
target values. For all proofs within tolerance,
a small adhesive label is printed on a
label printer, which is also sold as part of
the ProofControl system. The label, which
contains all relevant production information,
is then placed on the back of each calibrated
proof. Every proof is therefore
measured and marked as having met color
standards. (GMG: