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Graphtec Introduces Heavy-Duty FC3600 Series Cutting Machines

(February 2005) posted on Thu Feb 10, 2005

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If your business calls for cutting rigid or
thick materials, the heavy-duty FC3600
cutter from Graphtec may be of interest.
Equipped with the proper heads, the
FC3600 cuts corrugated cardboard, rubber,
leather, oil boards, rigid plastics, and
heat-transfer films up to 0.28 in. or materials
such as polystyrene, styrene, and urethane
up to 1.18 in.

This new cutter allows printers to compete
in the packaging market (creasing and
cutting cardboard
and foam for packaging
the product design
market (cutting
thin materials such
as self-adhesive
materials for new
product concepts),
and the sign market
(to make P-O-P and exhibit displays, as
well as 2D and 3D signs).

The FC3600 allows for contour cutting
of previously printed images using its
alignment, as well as featuring four different
heads, five tool types, a cutting speed
of 23.6 in./sec and a cutting force of 5 Kg.
The FC3600 comes standard with Graphtec's
Cutting Master software, which allows
direct output from illustration software
such as Adobe Illustrator, and D-Cut Master
software reads DXF files for AutoCad compatibility.
Price: ranges from $32,995 to
$46,995, depending on the options. (Western Graphtec: