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Grapo Octopus X4 Debuts

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Can print rigid and flexible materials up to 80.7 in. wide, 1.58 in. thick

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Grapo S.R.O., based in Czechoslovakia,
introduced its Octopus X4 printer at Drupa.
A piezo, drop-on-demand printer that uses
UV-curable inks, the Octopus incorporates
four Xaar XJ500 printheads and can print
rigid and flexible materials up to 80.7 in.
wide and 1.58 in. thick. It prints at a maximum
resolution of 360 dpi and has a top
printing speed of 484 sq ft/hr. Currently,
the printer is only being marketed in the
Czech and Slovak Republics as well as certain
European nations.

Grapo reports that it also is in the
process of developing two additional
printers"?a roll-to-roll printer with an 11.5-
ft wide print capacity, and a 63 x 47.2-in.
flatbed printer. Both are currently in testing,
according to the manufacturer. (Grapo S.R.O: