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GTI's Vertical Soft-Proofing Station

(December 2005) posted on Wed Dec 21, 2005

Creates viewing conditions for hard-soft proof comparisons

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GTI Graphic Technology's new VPI/SP
Vertical Soft-Proofing Station is a viewing
system specially designed to create
accurate viewing conditions for hard
copy and soft-proof comparisons. The
unit comes with side walls for control of
ambient light and a LiteGuard II backlit
display Viewing System Monitor that
indicates when the unit is warming up
and when it needs to be relamped.

The VPI/SP is available in an 85.5-in.
high x 66-in. wide x 33.5-in. deep model
(315 watts) or a 85.5 x 78 x 33.5 model
(405 watts). Both models feature D50
ISO standard color quality, top and bottom
illumination, variable intensity for
optimal match to monitor, and easy-tomove-
on floor casters.