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Hardcore Print

(October 2013) posted on Mon Oct 07, 2013

More than 40 sources of rigid media for your wide-format needs.

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Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer has a long list of polycarbonate sheets including: SL Sign Grade Makrolon, an enhanced UV-resistant product; available in clear and nine colors and in matte. It can be fabricated, thermoformed, and printed upon. In sheets 52- and 75-in. wide.

Booksmart Studio
The company’s inkjet-printable Fine Art Metals, designed for fine-art applications, allows you to print directly on metal surfaces. Available in Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, and Satin White – the metals are produced in sizes from 8.5 x 11 to 20 x 80 in., and in various thicknesses.

Coastal Enterprises
Its Precision Board High Temperature (PBHT) and Low Temperature (PBLT) urethane boards can be digitally printed using inkjet. Available in sheets from 20 x 60 in. to 45 x 60 ft, and in various thicknesses and densities.

Its Converd Board is a paper-based, rigid, environmentally sustainable, and fully recyclable alternative for structural signage applications, and is moisture-resistant. In 48 x 96-, 60 x 120-, and 60 x 123-in. sheets standard, and up to 96 x 144 in. max.; in 3-, 4-, and 6-mm thicknesses.

Cooley Group
Compatible with most solvent-based printing systems, CoolFlex Rigid is a 15-mil (custom thicknesses available) rigid PVC sheet engineered for Tri-Vision boards, kiosks, transit shelters, and tradeshow displays. In 48-in. widths.

Coroplast’s Coro-Paque Smooth is a UV polypropylene copolymer co-extruded twin-wall fluted sheet that is water- and stain-resistant and UV-stabilized and corona treated ideal for flatbed printers, the company reports. Compatible with digital printing, Coro-Paque Smooth is available in 48 x 96-in. sheets (4-mm thick).

Also available: CoroGreen, a 100%-recyclable corrugated plastic sheet made from post-consumer and post-industrial polypropylene; available in 48 x 96-in. sheets and 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-mm thicknesses (custom surface colors and sheet sizes available).

DaVinci Technologies
DaVinci’s rigid substrates include Double Opaque Polystyrene and Translucent Polystyrene, both for UV and solvent printing; 54-in. widths.

Decorative Panels International
GreenCore Rigid Print Media (RPM) is a two-sided, ultra-smooth board for UV- and solvent-based printing. Made from raw materials, the media is biodegradable. Available in matte finish in 1/8- and 1/4-in. thicknesses in 4 x 8-ft sheets; can be coated one-side or two-side; can be laminated.