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Hardcore Print

(October 2013) posted on Mon Oct 07, 2013

More than 40 sources of rigid media for your wide-format needs.

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Palight Premium is a versatile, flexible, lightweight, and durable foamed PVC sheet designed for digital printing (as well as screen printing), and is suitable for use with UV-cured, solvent-based, and aqueous inks. Features a bright-white, smooth, and uniform surface; available in matte or gloss finish and various standard and designer colors. In sizes ranging from 4 x 8 ft to 80 x 120 in., and in two thicknesses (0.118- and 0.236-in.); with or without protective poly film.

Palight EPS (Economical Print Substrate) is a value-oriented foam PVC that is slightly lighter-weight than Palight Premium. In 4 x 8-ft sheets and in 0.118- and 0.236-in. thicknesses. For digital and screenprint.
Palight Outdoor is a foamed PVC sheet for exterior signage and display; rot-resistant and resistant to splitting, it’s available in standard thicknesses from 0.5- to 1.25 in. and in 4 x 8-ft panels.

In addition, Palram also offers: Palsun Polycarbonate Sheet, Palsun CS, Palclear Clear PVC, and Palglas Acrylic Sheet.

Panel Processing
Its Eco-Finish Rigid Print Media is marketed by 3A Composites as FiberMate (see 3A’s listing). It’s a 100% recycled wood fiber panel with a specially formulated white UV print coating on both sides for digital print work (as well as screen printed). Available in standard 49 x 97-in. panels with a thickness of 3.2 and 5.5 mm. Can be saw cut, routed, mounted, and painted.

Features several acrylic media, including Optix DA, an acrylic sheet specifically designed for UV inks and digital flatbed printers; impact- and weather-resistant. No adhesion promoters are needed prior to ink application. Available in 48 x 96-in. sheets and in thicknesses from 0.118- to 0.220-in; clear or colored.

Regal Graphics
Offers Printable Polyethylene and Printable Polypropylene sheets. Polyethylene is stress-, crack-, and weather-resistant; Polypropylene is impact- and weather-resistant. Both can be printed with UV inks as well as screen printing; available in widths up to 48 in. Polyethylene is available in various colors; Polypropylene is available in natural and clear.

The company’s Medite is an industrial medium-density fiberboard (MDF) featuring pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, a smooth hard surface, and good machining. In 4- and 5-ft widths and in lengths up to 18 ft. FSC-certified panels on request. Not suitable for outdoor areas. Also, Medite II and 3D.