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Hasselblad Announces 39-Mpxl Camera and Backs

(January 2006) posted on Tue Jan 17, 2006

H2D-39, CFH-39, CF-39, and CF-39MS.

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Hasselblad has launched its H2D-39 digital camera as well as a trio of 39-Mpxl camera backs--the CFH-39, CF-39, and CF-39MS.

Based on the medium-format H2 camera, the new H2D-39 is a single-shot auto-focus 39-Mpxl digital camera. The H2D-39 features a capture rate of 35 captures/min, a 2.2-in. OLED display, shutter speeds up to 32 sec, image sizes up to 78 MB in 16-bit RGB, and FlexColor and DNG converter software. Images are saved in the new Hasselblad format"?3F RAW"?which includes lossless image compression to reduce the required storage space by 33%.

The H2D-39 captures an extended set of metadata and then, via Digital APO Correction (DAC), performs an automated correction for color-aberration effects with each shot. It also features the company's Instant Approval Architecture (IAA) for advanced image approval and selection; IAA comprises a set of feedback tools that trigger audible and visible signals for each image captured; the captured metadata is stored in the files and in the file name.

The camera is completely compatible with Hasselblad HC lenses with integral leaf shutter and C-type lenses from the V system with optional CF lens adapter. The H2D-39's modular design also allows easy access for cleaning of the sensor. Image storage can be via CF card, external FireWire, or tethered. Price: $29,995; available February 2006.

Custom-built to match the design and functionality of the Hasselblad H2 camera, the CFH-39 is a single-shot 39-Mpxl camera back. Offering very similar features to the H2D-39, the CFH-39 back features 35 captures/min, shutter speeds up to 32 sec, 2.2-in. OLED, DAC and IAA systems, FlexColor and DNG converter software, and images saved as 3F RAW files. In addition to the H2, the CFH-39 is compatible with a variety of view cameras, via an adapter. Price: $29,995; available February 2006.

The CF-39 and CF-39MS are both 39-Mpxl camera backs; the CF-39 is a single-shot model, while the CF-39MS is a multi-shot back. The CF line matches the functionality of the H2 camera (with most of the same features and software of the H2"?see above specs). Both CF-39 models can be attached to various professional SLR and view cameras with the i-Adapter, Hasselblad's interchangeable camera interface. The color resolution of captures can be increased by means of the company's 4*Res module, resulting in maximum color resolution and moire-free images--the Multi Shot 4*Res module is standard with the CF-39MS, the 4*Res module can be added to the CF-39 back. Price: CF-39: $29,995; CF-39MS: $37,995. The CF-39 will be available in March 2006, the CF-39MS will be available in April 2006.

In addition, Hasselblad has teamed up with Adobe and HP for a 2006 "No Boundaries" world tour; the US leg of the tour will be held in conjunction with Hasselblad's ClearFocus Studio events. The seminars and sessions will feature Hasselblad/Adobe Digital Negative workflow, Adobe Photoshop CS2 Camera Raw, and new photo printing options from HP. Seating is limited in each city.



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