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Helios Cross-Platform File & Print Server Solution

(February 2005) posted on Wed Feb 09, 2005

Comprises EtherShare, PCShare, and WebShare

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HELIOS has released a cross-platform file
and print server solution called the Helios
Super Server Bundle, which comprises
Helios EtherShare, PCShare, and WebShare.
Included is a 10-user license for EtherShare
3.1, a 10-user license for PCShare 3.1, and a
5-user license for WebShare.

Helios WebShare allows users to
remotely collaborate and proof in real
time using a central file server, accessed
via any Web browser. Server data is protected
by a two-tier server architecture.
File-access rights can be administered
on a per-user basis.

Helios EtherShare provides advanced
AFP file services and print services to Mac
OS X and Mac OS 9 clients via AppleTalk
and TCP/IP. PCShare SMB/CIFS services
support Windows clients while remote
WebShare clients use HTTP and HTTPS. (Helios: