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High-End Capture: Digital Camera Backs

(May 2006) posted on Wed May 24, 2006

A sourcelist of companies offering 'high-firepower' capture solutions.

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BetterLight models include: The 6000 series offers a maximum resolution: 6000 x 8000 pxl, file size up to 137 MB in 24-bit RGB, and is designed for pro photographers, museums, commercial and advertising studios, and art repro companies. The Super 6K-HS combines speed and resolution with 6000 x 8000-pxl resolutions and file size up to 309 MB in 24-bit RGB. The Super 8K-HS is for reprographics requiring large archival file sizes with resolution up to 8000 x 10600 pxl and files as large as 549 MB in 24-bit RGB. The Super 10K-2 offers resolutions up to 10,200 x 13,800 pxl and files of 852 MB in 24-bit RGB.


Hasselblad offers 12 digital camera backs, many of which are custom-designed to be compatible with Hasselblad cameras, but most of which will also work with other cameras through adapters.

Designed to be compatible with the Hasselblad H2 single-shot camera are the CFH-39 and the Ixpress CFH digital backs. The 22-Mpxl Ixpress CFH digital back features a 2.2-in. OLED display, and produces 16-bit RGB files up to 132 MB. The CFH-39 back features 35 captures/min, shutter speeds up to 32 sec, 2.2-in. OLED, and images saved as 3F RAW files.

The Ixpress CF line of backs comprises the single-shot Ixpress CF 132 and the single/multi-shot Ixpress CF 528. Both are 22-Mpxl backs with the Hasselblad open camera interface; the color resolution of captures can be increased by means of the 4*Res module.

The Hasselblad CF-39 and CF-39MS are both 39-Mpxl camera backs; the CF-39 is a single-shot model, while the CF-39MS is a multishot back. Also matching the functionality of the H2 camera, the Multi Shot 4*Res module is standard with the CF-39MS, the 4*Res module can be added to the CF-39 back.