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High-End Capture: Digital Camera Backs

(May 2006) posted on Wed May 24, 2006

A sourcelist of companies offering 'high-firepower' capture solutions.

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The Ixpress 96C, 132C, 384C, and 528C camera backs feature the Ixpress Image Bank, which stores up to 1150 high-res images; the backs also attach to most medium- and large-format cameras. In the studio, users of the 384C and 528C can increase the resolution of captures via the 4*res module.The Ixpress 96C is a 16-Mpxl single-shot digital camera back with a maximum file size of 96 MB in 16-bit RGB. The Ixpress 384C is a single-shot 16-Mpxl digital back with a maximum file size of 384 MB in 16-bit RGB. The Ixpress 132C is a 22-Mpxl single-shot back with a maximum file size of 132 MB in 16-bit RGB. The Ixpress 528C offers a 22-Mpxl sensor with maximum file sizes of 528 MB in 16-bit RGB.

The 16-Mpxl V96C has similar specs to the Ixpress 96C, but is designed specifically to interface with the Hasselblad V-series cameras. The 16-Mpxl Hasselblad CFV camera back is also compatible with Hasselblad V series and offers 16-bit color and a 2.2-in. OLED.


Jenoptik"?s latest Eyelike eMotion camera back is the Sinarback eMotion75, distributed by Sinar Bron. The one-shot 33-Mpxl camera back offers a Dalsa CCD sensor, resolutions up to 6668 x 4992 pxl, file sizes up to 190 MB in 48-bit color, 40-images/min capture rate, and is compatible with many medium-format cameras. The eMotion22 offers similar specs, but with 22-Mpxl, a capture rate up to 50 images/min, and a maximum resolution of 5344 x 4008 pxl.

The Eyelike MF series features a Phillips 3072 x 2048-pxl CCD sensor: the 6.3-Mpxl Eyelike MF basic is for people, fashion, and portrait photography; the Eyelike MF scan is a multishot back with an extended resolution of more than 25 Mpxl and files sizes up to 144 MB.

The Eyelike precision series, designed for professional photographers, features resolutions up to 10688 x 8000 pxl, and comprises the M6, M11, M16, and M22 backs. All of these backs allow for four shooting modes: 1-shot, 1-shot plus (to eliminate moire in still and moving objects), 4-shot (for intricate still life shots), and 16-shot (finest details, highest resolutions).