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High-End Capture: Digital Camera Backs

(May 2006) posted on Wed May 24, 2006

A sourcelist of companies offering 'high-firepower' capture solutions.

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The Eyelike precision M6 has a 6-Mpxl CCD sensor, resolutions up to 6144 x 4096 pxl, and can reshoot every 1 sec. The M11 has an 11-Mpxl sensor, resolutions up to 8000 x 5344 pxl, and can reshoot every 2 sec. The M16 offers a 16-Mxpl sensor, resolutions up to 8160 x 8160 pxl, and can reshoot every 2.5 sec. The M22 has a 22-Mpxl sensor, 10,688 x 8000-pxl resolutions, and can reshoot every 3 sec.


Compatible with 4x5 view and medium-format cameras, Kigamo"?s new digital scanning back XP models have a new higher-sensitivity CCDs from Kodak that generate less noise, provide improved tone depth, and double the sensitivity of previous Kodak CCDs. This, Kigamo reports, means faster scans, a smaller f-stop, and an extended resolution feature (that expands the available resolution to 150% by capturing real pixel information for the length of the scan while the width is slightly extended to complete the image).

The Scanback 6000 offers resolutions up to 6000 x 8488 pixels and a 6000 trilinear array CCD. The Scanback 6000XP has the same trilinear CCD, but offers resolutions up to 9000 x 12,732 pxl. The Scanback 8000XP features resolutions up to 12,000 x 16,980 pxl and file sizes up to 1554 MB at 64-bit CMYK.

Leaf America

Previously owned by Creo and now a subsidiary of Kodak"?s Graphic Communications Group, Leaf America"?s latest professional camera backs are the Leaf Aptus 75 and Leaf Aptus 65. The Aptus 75 back features a 33.3-Mpxl (28-Mpxl for the 65) nearly full-frame CCD sensor (the sensor on the 65 is slightly smaller); images up to 6726 x 5040 pxl (the Aptus 65 has images up to 6144 x 4622 pxl).

The Leaf Aptus 17 and Aptus 22 (17- or 22-Mpxl versions) are designed for portable and studio use. They offer resolutions up to 4056 x 5356 pxl, tethered or untethered use, and the new compressed RAW HDR format.

Both the Leaf Valeo 22Wi and Valeo 17Wi are tailored for tethered-to-computer shooting. The Leaf Valeo 22Wi is designed for product and commercial photographers and the Valeo 17Wi is geared to the catalog photographer. The 22Wi offers resolutions up to 4056 x 5356 pxl; the 17Wi has resolutions up to 3576 x 4716 pxl.