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Inca Introduces Spyder 320 Flatbed

(June 2005) posted on Fri Jun 03, 2005

Features Columbia-size bed w/smaller footprint

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Inca Digital Printers has launched a new
flatbed printer, the Spyder 320.
Featuring the same 10 x 5.25-ft (3.2 x
1.6-m) bed size as Inca's Columbia but
with a footprint of 10 x 16 ft, the Spyder
320 prints on both rigid and flexible materials
up to 1.2 in. thick. It features a top
speed of 538 sq ft/hr (50 sq m/hr) and an
average speed of 377 sq ft/hr (35 sq
m/hr) using Sericol's Uvijet 4-color inkset.
Other Spyder 320 features include a pin
system for highly accurate work and double-
sided printing; a touch-screen control
panel; and a static vacuum table.

"We believe the Spyder 320 will appeal
both to screen printers that do not yet
have digital capability, as well as to firms
that currently use roll-to-roll or hybrid digital
machines and want to boost their
capability with rigid substrates," says
Roger James, channel marketing manager
for Inca. "Its pinpoint drop placement
and precise registration result in high resolution,
which will give buyers access to
new markets that require close-up viewing,
as well as industrial markets currently
served by a range of conventional
printing techniques."

The Spyder 320 is expected to be
priced in the $400,000 to $420,000
range, says James. The first "public showing"
of the Spyder 320 takes place at
FESPA, in Germany, and machines should
be shipping soon thereafter, he says. The
machine will make its US debut at Print
'05 in Chicago. The Spyder 320 will be distributed
by Sericol. (Inca Digital Printers: