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Inca ReporterPro from Inca Digital Printers

(June 2013) posted on Fri May 17, 2013

Analytics application provides Onset and Spyder users with job, customer, and machine production data.

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The Inca ReporterPro from Inca Digital Printers ( is an analytics application designed to give users a clearer understanding on the productivity and efficiency of installed Inca Onset and Spyder printers.

Inca ReporterPro provides job, customer, and machine production data, either dynamically or at preset intervals through a Dashboard. Users can search on multiple criteria such as filename, job number, or customer name; the system can deliver specific data such as individual machine uptime, productivity (e.g. total number of sheets printed and job production time), and quantity of ink used per job.

Production reports can be generated for a single machine focusing on a specific timeframe, or users can examine data relating to jobs for a single customer that are printed on a number of different Inca devices. Fujifilm is the exclusive NA distributor for Inca printers and other products.




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