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Inca Unveils Onset Flatbed

Delivers a top speed of 5382 sq ft/hr.

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In late April, Inca Digital hosted the debut of its high-production Onset flatbed at its Cambridge, England headquarters. The CMYK UV-curable printer can accommodate 10.5 x 5-ft sheets and deliver a top speed of 500 sq m/hr (5382 sq ft/hr) or 100+ full-bed sheets an hour. Note that this print speed includes automated loading and unloading of the media; in actuality, Inca reports, the machine prints closer to 700 sq m/hr (7534 sq ft/hr), but media handling is a speed-limiting factor. The machine prints a full-sized sheet in five passes, which takes about 40-45 seconds.

"The Onset includes some of the core technologies we have developed to produce the Columbia Turbo and Spyder presses,' says Bill Baxter, managing director at Inca Digital. "Onset’s design also draws on our experience in developing the high-speed, single-pass FastJet press, specifically developed for the corrugated market."

The Onset is targeted primarily at P-O-P printers currently using screen-printing technology; Inca claims that this machine is an ideal replacement for screen printing on jobs with short run lengths up to about 8000 sq ft (or a run of 250 4 x 8-ft sheets). The company also hopes the system will bring attention from offset P-O-P printers who want an option for shorter-run printing. Other applications include exhibition graphics, backlit displays, outdoor signage, and lenticular printing.

"The Inca Onset is a machine that is so fast that it not only delivers a highly competitive solution for screen printers but provides a highly competitive alternative to offset presses, offering a flexible and cost effective alternative for up to 400 finished sheets," says Jerry Avis, international strategy and business development director for Fujifilm Sericol (Fujifilm Sericol will distribute the machine).

The machine comes standard with Wasatch SoftRIP v. 6.0 and produces graphics up to 600-dpi resolution. Compatible with a large range of substrates, the Onset also allows edge-to-edge printing on substrates as thick as 10 mm (with a micro-height adjustment control for maximum print quality) and as heavy as 10 kg (22 lb) at full speed-providing the ability to proof a job on the material on which it will finally be produced.