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Industry Roundtable Day 1: Analyzing the Market - 2014

(November 2013) posted on Wed Oct 09, 2013

14 days of critical information to prepare your shop for the year ahead.

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Marco Boer, IT Strategies: Looking at the sell-through rate of wide-format printer equipment and supplies, we’re optimistic for wide-format print service providers’ business in 2014. For many PSPs, even sub-$25,000 investments are major commitments, one they wouldn’t be making unless they were feeling positive about the future.

Peter Mayhew, LightWords: It’s looking good for print service providers in 2014. We’ve reached the point where wide format has a role to play within the communications mix of most businesses, within many industry sectors. The ways in which wide format can be used are becoming widely understood by marketers – its effectiveness is persuasive, in many cases measurable, and customers are coming back for more.

John Zarwan, JZarwan Consulting: Very optimistic. The market continues to grow, fed by the creativity and innovation of print providers and their customers. Similarly, improving equipment, ink, and substrates are offering greater flexibility, productivity, and potential for increased profits.

Lori Anderson, ISA: I choose to look at the coming year with optimism and there’s good reason. We have weathered the worst of the economic downturn and signs are the economy is improving. In addition, the economy has forced many in our industry to strengthen their skills and explore ways to diversify their businesses while streamlining operations. That has set the industry up to come out strong as the economy continues to rebound.

Boer: And as far as a song goes, in reference to the new, innovative applications I just mentioned: Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

Mayhew: I’m going to pick a film title, and it has to be Rush, the new film about the rivalry between two Formula One motor racing drivers in the 1970s. It reminds me of today’s wide-format market.

Marx: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. I say this because our technology, and what we do with it, has gained the respect of the broader graphic-communications industry. We’ve become a force to be reckoned with!

Anderson: I’ll go with “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.” There are so many things going right in our industry these days. If we focus on the aspects that are going right – the growing understanding of the importance of signage; technological changes that are improving our business workflow; and the new opportunities that present themselves – we’ll see that 2014 is a year of possibility.

Greene: This is a competitive business, and I believe it will be increasingly so. How about Cheap Trick’s song, “I Want You to Want Me?” 

Tomorrow, on Day 2 of our Industry Roundtable 2014: What are the top critical industry issues facing print shops right now?