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Industry Roundtable Day 9: Can Dynamic Signage be Successfully Added to Your Shop Mix?

(November 2013) posted on Fri Oct 18, 2013

14 days of critical information to prepare your shop for the year ahead.

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Marco Boer: I’m not so sure of print providers successfully making the transition to electronic digital signage. It’s no longer about the output display but rather about the ability to manage a high-frequency of data, data that needs to be sold in much higher quantities in order to leverage the benefit and investment of electronic digital signage. By the way, it’s not the cost of the LCD panels that is the issue; rather, it’s the cost of the infrastructure to drive the data to the display screens, dealing with regulatory issues such as “are you broadcasting and do you need an FCC license,” etc. It’s a totally different business. This doesn’t mean wide-format print shops can’t transition, but it creates very high hurdles.

Peter Mayhew: Yes, if they take a structured approach. Like with wide format, there are many niches and opportunities. PSPs need to carefully consider their target market and develop products and services as a part of a structured business plan. The dynamic signage segment is growing and there is an underdeveloped local market to be exploited. But, it requires a longer-term plan to deliver the best ROI.

Tim Greene: There’s no question they can offer it, and we think there are some that are doing a good job at it. I love what Roland did by packaging up the components of a solution as an entry point to its sign shop customers. And I know that many of the sign franchises have made a lot of progress in terms of their franchisees understanding how to promote and sell digital signage as well.

Dan Marx: We’ve been talking about the opportunity in digital signage for more than15 years at SGIA, and I’ve talked to many digital signage professionals who see our industry as a ripe opportunity. My impression of this opportunity is that if sign and graphics producers want to get into this area, then they need to get in with both feet. I think they also need to determine the level at which they want to play in this area. Is it a three-screen setup for a local store, or is it a 3000-store network for a big-box retailer? Will it be visuals and sound? Who will create the content? Who will install the technology?

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