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Ink Quest 2013

(May 2013) posted on Fri May 03, 2013

More than 70 sources of inks for wide-format output.

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No matter what type of ink you regularly utilize – UV, latex, solvent, eco-/mild-solvent, or aqueous – there are certain factors that come to the fore when choosing inks and selecting an ink supplier.

The attributes of the ink itself almost certainly play a role: Does the overall quality level meet your (and your clients’) expectations? Is it versatile across a range of applications? Does it provide consistent results? How about durability? How broad is the color gamut? Are specialty colors and inks available? How does the ink address any environmental concerns you or your clients might have?

Other factors also enter into the mix: Does the supplier meet all your needs when it comes to being a consistent source of readily available inks? Does the supplier offer other consumables? How would you rate the supplier’s customer-service efforts? And, of course, there is price – is your supplier able to provide you with a product that doesn’t break the bank while allowing you to generate quality prints?

To help you in your ink quest, we’ve assembled the following Ink Sourcelist: a comprehensive directory of more than 70 suppliers of inks for wide-format printers. The roster you’ll find on the pages that follow includes printer OEMs branding their own inks, ink manufacturers, and suppliers of private-labeled/branded inks. Note that we have not included businesses that are only selling other companies’ branded inks (unless it’s an exclusive arrangement). This list was assembled just prior to ISA Expo 2013; check company websites for products released since that time.

Aldura eco-solvent ink; Grand Sherpa solvent and dye inks; Anuvia, Agorix, and Anapurna UV inks.

American Ink Jet
Ink for Canon, Epson (including Arte Bella pigment ink), HP, Mutoh, and Roland.

Bulk-ink systems for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland; inks for fine-art/archival and fabrics.