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Inks: Liquid Gold

(October 2011) posted on Tue Oct 25, 2011

More than 70 suppliers of inks for wide-format.

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Pemla Ink Technologies
Aqueous inks include: Evolution (extended gamut available), Endurance (pigment, dye), EDI (pigment).

Duratex solvent inks.

Prism Inks
Aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and textile inks.

Cartridge inks for Mimaki, Mutoh, HP, Epson, Roland, Seiko, more; bulk ink for Roland.

Repeat-O-Type cartridge and bulk inks.

Roland DGA
Eco-Sol Max mild-solvent inks, White and Metallic Silver Eco-Sol Max inks, Eco-UV inks, Heatwave SBL2 sublimation inks, Eco-Xtreme i and LT solvent inks, FPG aqueous pigment inks.

Sawgrass Technologies
SubliM dye-sub, SubliM Direct direct-print dye-sub, and SubliM Direct SPS grand-format dye-sub inks. Also: M-TT water-based textile inks, MxF Digital Pigment inks for printing on nylon. Plus ArTainium UV+ sublimation inks for Epson printers, and NaturaLink direct-to-garment inks.

Seiko Instruments USA
HAPS-free IX inks and low-solvent GX inks; mild solvent EGO-EX inks; low-odor/solvent EG-Outdoor EX inks and EG-Outdoor LX mild-solvent inks.

Sensient Technologies
Sensient ElvaJet, Subli, and Fluo dye-sub inks. Distributed in the US by VistaLogics (

Sepiax Ink Technology
Sepiax Aquares water-based resin inks. GraphicsOne is the US distributor.

Bulk-ink system for Mutoh and Roland.

Sign Warehouse
PrismJet eco-solvent and aqueous inks.

Solvent Cartridges
Cartridges for a variety of machines; InkStream bulk-ink systems.

Sun Chemical
Streamline water-based, oil, and solvent inks; Streamline ESL (eco-sol light), Ultima, Optima, SCP, and Super Wide Format inks.

Gold, Gold HS, and Platinum solvent inks; Gold Advantage, Platinum Advantage and Platinum SK mild solvents.

AuroraTeck UV-curable inks.

3M Commercial Graphics
3M Inkjet inks, in solvent, latex, and UV versions.

3P Inkjet Textiles
Has distribution rights to Hilord’s textile inks for selected printers.

TW Graphics
Distributor of Manoukian-Argon Digistar HD1 sublimation inks.

US Sublimation
US Sublimation LFP, ElvaJet, UV Max, and FloBrite fluorescent dye-sub inks; InkVillage DTX direct dye-sub inks.

Van Son Holland
Recently launched its new line of Premium Wide Format Inkjet inks for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers. Offered in both cartridges and bulk packaging, the product line includes: Real Solvent inks; Eco Solvent inks; Pigment and Dye inks; Power Chrome Pigment inks; and Dye Sublimation inks.

Eco-solvent bulk inks; also exclusive US distributor of Sensient dye-sub and Lemantex pigment inks as well as Huntsman Vibra Brite direct dye-sub inks.

Westar Systems
Super Light Fast, Vibrant Wide Format, Hard Surface Performance, Intense High Speed, and Fluorescent sublimation inks, plus Ultra Black WWF inks.