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Innova Art Introduces Digital Art Papers

(October 2004) posted on Wed Oct 06, 2004

Five new papers vary from 24 to 60 in. wide

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UK-based Innova Art has introduced five
new Digital Art Papers, for use on wideformat
dye- and pigment-based giclee
inkjet printers. All of them are designed
for fine-art and photographic reproduction
and for presentation graphics.

"? Soft-Textured Art is a 315-gsm, natural-
white matte paper with a soft-textured
surface, similar to traditional Etching fineart
paper. It is acid-free and 0.46 mm thick.

"? Photo FibaPrint is a 280-gsm, brilliant-
white matte paper. It features an
ultra-smooth surface, is acid-free, and is
0.32 mm thick.

"? Photo Smooth High White Cotton is a
315-gsm acid-free watercolor paper. The
paper has a silky smooth surface, a special
matte coating, contains optical brighteners,
and is 0.46 mm thick.

"? Photo Smooth Cotton is a 315-gsm,
100% cotton, acid-free watercolor paper. It
has a natural white finish and a silky
smooth matte surface.

"?Rough-Textured Art is a 315-gsm,
acid-free paper. It has a natural white
matte finish with a course, structured surface,
similar to traditional watercolor paper.
All are available in small-format
sheets and rolls from 24 to 60 in. wide.(Innova Art: