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InterTech Technology Awards from the Printing Industries of America

(August 2009) posted on Wed Jul 22, 2009

More on this year's big winners.

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Printing Industries of America (PIA) recently announced the recipients of the 2009 InterTech Technology Awards.

An independent panel of judges deliberated over submissions ranging from process control tools to MIS applications, to digital and offset presses. Recipients were recognized from across a wide spectrum of printing processes and production areas.

Here are this year's recipients, with notes from the judges:

ORIS Press Matcher
CGS Publishing Technologies International

Oris Press Matcher quickly, accurately, and automatically transforms the color data within digital files so that the resulting printed output – from digital presses, conventional printing presses, wide-format printers, and other devices-is consistent and visually matching across multiple runs and digital devices, and visually matching between offset and digital devices.

The judges said the ORIS Press Matcher allows users to easily and quickly color match across multiple devices and across processes regardless of the user's color management experience level. It takes significant time out of the process, and, as shown in the blind evaluations by printers, produces good color matches in minimal time.

Kodak NexPress Dimensional Printing System
Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak NexPress Dimensional Printing takes place in-line and produces raised or 3D text and images that can be set to specific heights. The result is a tactile effect that that mimics the surface of the items depicted in the image. For example, customers can print an image of an orange that feels like an orange or wood grain that feels like wood grain.

The judges said this technology opens up new markets for digital printing, allowing personalization in regards to image, content, and texture. It creates a "wow" factor, making it stand out in a competitive marketplace. This is what marketers are constantly looking for.

Kodak Prinergy Digital Workflow
Eastman Kodak Company
Kodak Prinergy Digital Workflow provides a direct way for operators to dynamically sort and access jobs, by allowing an operator to plan and schedule print jobs for any number of presses from a single station. The operator can view the number of hours of printing that are scheduled for each digital press before the job is launched.

The judges were impressed by the Rules Based Automation (RBA) aspect of this technology. Effective use of this simplifies the production, and automates procedures regardless of the level of complexity. Using RBA, many errors are eliminated, touch points disappear, and the process is much faster.