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Introducing 30+ New Printers

(June 2005) posted on Fri Jun 03, 2005

Specs for the new printers introduced at the 2005 ISA show.

Features Spectra printheads, negative-pressure
ink supply system to ensure smooth ink flow,
and detachable platen to switch between vacuum
fan and mesh-type platen. Distributed by
Steward of Intl. Marketing;

Dilli NeoDeluxe UVD-2506


Inks:UV-curable, 6-color (CMYKcm)

Format:Flatbed, 98 x 59 in.

Resolution:363 x 725 dpi

Print Speeds:969 sq ft/hr in 2-pass mode


Utilizes Spectra Nova 256 printheads, and offers
automatic ink refill system, printhead controller,
and lamp shuttering system, as well as a vacuum
hold-down system.

Flora LJII 1800 UV

Flora Digital

Inks:UV-curable, 6-color (CMYKcm)

Format:Flatbed, 73 in.

Resolution:720 dpi

Print Speeds:377 sq ft/hr


Prints onto rigid media and roll-to-roll; automatic
ink loading/flushing system; utilizes
Spectra 128 printheads; 2-yr outdoor durability
(with Flora UV-curable ink); and offers Photo-
PRINT4 Flora Edition RIP.

Flora HJ 3200

Flora Digital

Inks:Solvent, 4-color

Format:Rollfed, 130 in.

Resolution:360 x 360 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 646 sq ft/hr


Includes Xaar 500 printheads, digitally controlled
heater and front-mounted fans, Photo-
PRINT Flora Edition, and automatic ink
loading/flushing system.

Flora HJII 5000

Flora Digital

Inks:Solvent, 4-, 6-color (CMYK, CMYKcm)

Format:Rollfed, 201 in.

Resolution:up to 360 x 360 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 1184 sq ft/hr


Features Spectra 256 printheads, automatic
media feed/take-up system, can handle some
rigid media, PhotoPRINT4 Flora Edition, and 2-yr
outdoor durability with Flora Solvent inks. (See
April 2005, p. 26, for a full report.)

Gandinnovations Jeti 3300DS


Inks:Dye-sub ; 4-, 6-color

Format:Rollfed, 129 in.

Resolution:up to 600 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 655 sq ft/hr


This dye-sub and direct-print machine offers
three color/resolution settings; when using
dye-sub inks, the fabric must run through a heat
press to set the inks; features 12 Spectra printheads
and choice of Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch
SoftRIP, ColorGate, ErgoSoft, or Caldera RIP. (See
April 2005, p. 22, for a full report.)

Gisko Oberon 2000, 2500, 3300

GISKO (Global Interface System of Korea)

Inks: Solvent, 6-color

Format:Rollfed, 78, 98, 130 in.

Resolution:600 x 800 dpi

Print Speeds:539 sq ft/hr (2000), 1076 sq
ft/hr (2500, 3300)


Features Spectra printheads, middle platen that
allows printing on perforated media, uni/bidirectional
printing, three print modes, pre- and postheating
system, and prints onto rigid media
up to 0.39 in. thick (optional flatbed table
required). Distributed by Pro-Line Supply;

ISIJet 3400

ISI (Innovative Solutions)


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