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IO Integration Module Links WebNative, Kodak Proofing

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

Plug-in speaks between RealTimeProof and Matchprint Virtual

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IO Integration has introduced its IO
Partner Integration Module, a plug-in
that allows Kodak's RealTimeProof and
Kodak Matchprint Virtual Partner to
operate directly from within Xinet's Web-
Native and WebNative Portal. In addition,
communication can now be conducted
between the two applications.

Features include:

  • Comments and annotations are
    updated and stored as metadata in Xinet
    WebNative once a proofing session has
    been initiated (users can access notes at
    any time);

  • Users can approve or reject an image
    and this information will be maintained;

  • Xinet WebNative appears with a hierarchical
    list of available images as well as
    a "lightbox" of selected images;

  • Approved or rejected images are
    indicated in the lightbox with customized
    icons; and

  • A history of the review session is generated
    whenever changes are made; this
    history is automatically sent to the workgroup,
    along with a thumbnail preview of
    the asset, and notes of the latest changes.

IO Partner Integration Module MSRP: