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IPA's Webinar on JDF and e-Lean

(March 2008) posted on Tue Mar 11, 2008

And other offerings from the association.

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IPA, the Association of Graphic Solutions Professionals, has announced a variety of new offerings:

* 'Integration, JDF & e-Lean Manufacturing' is a one-hour webinar with analysis on current workflow-integration solutions and a focus on these technologies' impact on e-Lean manufacturing goals. The webinar will hit on JDF ticketing, PDF workflow RIPs, MIS systems, and other process-streamlining tools. Discussion topics include: 'hot spot' workflow upgrades, automation, new technologies to 'lean down,' and a hardware replacement roadmap.

* The 2008 IPA Technical Conference Program is now available online with industry leaders sharing best-practices for integrated and effective graphic solutions. Topics include critical workflow processes, color management, process automation, application features, collaboration tools, and more.

* The association's Color Management Professional Certification Program has recently launched. The training and education program also certifies individuals in the graphics-communication industry and focuses on numerous aspects of color management throughout the graphics-workflow process.

* Printing Forecast 2008: New Industry Measure Report is downloadable from the association website. The report analyzes the industry's economic environment, current state-of-the-industry, and predictions for the upcoming year.