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Keep Banners Taut With Banner-Trak

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Clear anodized aluminum extrusion will mount to any surface

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ImageOne Impact's Banner-Trak system
is designed to keep banners and signs
straight and taut. Banner Trak is a clear
anodized aluminum extrusion that will
mount to any smooth surface, inside or
outside, to keep the banner straight.

Users put the slider on the Trak and
then put a thumbscrew through the
banner's grommets and tighten. They
then take up the slack and tighten the
next thumbscrew down the line. By
using the grommets already in the banner,
the banner incurs no damage but
stays taut.

The Banner Trak kit includes 2 to 4 ft
of Trak, one connector, four sliders with
thumbscrews, and one pair of end caps
to finish the ends. Price: $36.95. (ImageOne Impact: