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KPG Purchases PageComposer Software

(July 2004) posted on Tue Jul 27, 2004

Bridges gap between file formats across workflows

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Kodak Polychrome Graphics has purchased
PageComposer from Bell Microproducts
Solutions. This software bridges
the gap between standard prepress file formats
across different workflows. It's used
for the conversion of formats such as Post-
Script, PDF, PDF/X-1a, and TIFF/IT-P1 files
into any standard file format, with secure
content, so it can output on devices of all
types (color proofers, high-resolution
imagesetters, and CTP equipment).

The new name of PageComposer will
be MatchFlow Composer, and it will be
integrated as a component in KPG's Color
Fidelity System. This system enables customers
to automate color-management
operations from capture to output and
benefit from cost savings and higher
image quality.(Kodak Polychrome Graphics: