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Laminates: Enhancing the Print

(January 2011) posted on Wed Jan 12, 2011

More than 70 sources for laminates and graphics-protection products.

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By Britney Grimmelsman

Magic PrintLam2 Lustre is a printable, 4-mil film for rigid substrates; also offers Magic DMFGOC (4-mil clear) and DMFGOT ( 6-mil, textured) overlaminate, both for floor graphics.

INX Digital International
Triangle Products-brand liquid laminates include ClearFlex (gloss), Fleet ClearFlex (gloss, semi-gloss,matte), ClearFlex ME (gloss), Ultra (gloss, semi-gloss), and CristalBond gloss for UV-curable prints.

Kapco Graphic Products
Kapco pressure-sensitive (vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate) and thermal (low-melt and heat-assist) laminates in a variety of finishes.

Lamination King
LK Series standard, low-melt, and pressure-sensitive cold-mount laminating films in various thicknesses and finishes. Thermal and self-seal laminate pouches also available.

Thermal laminate films in General Purpose, CoPolymer, Heat Seal, and Pouch varieties; UniLam pressure-sensitive laminates.

UK-based Lamount offers UV vinyl overlaminates in gloss, luster, and matte; Heatseal thermal films; UV Vinyl Heatseal low-melt film. New Linerless low-melt, heat-activated Vinyl film.

LexJet’s low-melt laminates include DisplayGuard, CrystalEmboss, ArmorGuard UV Hardcoat, and polyester films; also PreLume, GraphicsGuard UV, PVC/vinyl-free EcoGuard satin, and ExhibitGuard UV pressure-sensitive laminates. Also available is 3-mil GraphicShield UV satin. All available in various finishes, and textures.

Lintec of America
Pressure sensitive L-AG Protect laminates available in a variety of constructions and sizes. Its Revi overlaminate films are iridescent and change color when viewed from different angles.

LG Hausys America
3.5-mil Vizuon Cast LP80990 high-gloss, 3.7-and 4.7-mil LP2712G/M high-gloss (matte), clear PVC films.

Permacolor pressure-sensitive, optically clear overlaminates (in three finishes); Permacolor rigid and intermediate overlaminates; and Permacolor thermal overlaminates (Thermacolor). Permacolor lines also include ColorGard for image enhancement and adhesion, and PrintCover for short-term graphics. Recent additions include Permacolor Permaflex and Rayzor Gloss for short-, medium-, and long-term applications.

Madico Graphic Films
Line of gloss, matte, luster, and textured overlaminate films.

Media One
Its Professional Series laminates are available in gloss, luster, and textured matte versions.

Milano Digital
PS Series PVC and polycarbonate pressure-sensitive laminates; DI Series thermal laminates; also ProTect lamination spray.

Montroy Supplies
Moncor cold- and pressure-sensitive laminates available in gloss, luster, matte, and satin finishes.

NeoFilm, NeoFilm Floor cold and Neo-Ultralam low-melt laminates.