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Large-Format Laminators

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

A sourcelist of manufacturers and/or exclusive distributors of large-format laminators for use with

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The BeDigital Oscar laminator launches at Viscom
Paris in September. It features two hot and
two cold rollers, accommodates media up to 62
in. wide, 1.18 in. (30 mm) thick, and reaches
speeds of up to 26 ft/min. Oscar is designed for
high-quality adhesive coating, panel mounting,
laminating, and encapsulating.


Features motorized and hand-operated wide-format
laminators. Its new 44-in. CodaPro
line includes: The CodaPro 44 HE (heat
encapsulation with top and bottom heated
rollers), the CodaPro 44 HA (top heated), and
the CodaPro 44 PS (cold lamination).
All can operate at speeds up to 20 ft/min.

The CodaPro 64 high-production laminator
line features two heated rollers that encapsulate,
laminate, and mount using thermal
or pressure-sensitive adhesives and laminates.
At 64 in. wide, the CodaPro 64 can
accommodate media up to 1.5 in. thick; it
works at speeds up to 15 ft/min.


Offers the AppliPhase line of hot and cold
laminators, which feature variable speeds,
adjustable nip roll pressure, and adjustable
tension controls. The squeeze roll applicators
allow the laminator to operate at high speeds.
Contech also custom designs and engineers
laminators to customer specifications.

D&K International

Produces many wide-format laminators that
mount, encapsulate, and laminate. Its Expression series includes the Professional 42-in.,
44-in. Twin (two sets of rollers"?two
heated on top and one heated roller on bottom),
and the 62-in. wide-format laminators.

The System 2760 is an on-demand, short-run
laminating system; one-sided, it accommodates
27-in. wide media and offers speeds of up
to 60 ft/min. D&K also sells the System 3210
one-sided laminator, which can be used with
56-in. media and has speeds up to 100 ft/min.


Makes several laminating systems. The Maxit
Adhesive System is designed for mounting
presentations and inkjet prints; it uses adhesive
bars that melt and will coat widths up to
55 in. The Quickmount III uses cold laminates
and is available in widths up to 54 in. The Rollataq
motorized laminator (up to 36.5 in.
wide) applies a liquid repostionable adhesive
to mount prints. The EZ Glide Applicator protects
wide-format prints (up to 55 in. wide)
with a liquid laminate.


Offers more than 20 models of large-format
laminators"?cold, hot, two-sided, liquid, and
encapsulation"?from 25 to 126 in. wide and
up to 0.98 in. thick.