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Large-Format Laminators

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

A sourcelist of manufacturers and/or exclusive distributors of large-format laminators for use with

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Manufactures Protac 27 and 32 pressure-sensitive
roller laminators, which offer speeds up to
15 ft/min for substrates up to 1.25 in. thick.

Eastech USA

Features six cold laminators that accommodate
media 63 to 78.7 in. wide and up to 0.59
in. thick.

EMSeal Pty.

This Australian company manufactures many
large-format laminators. Thermal laminators
include the Compact and Centaur in sizes up
to 40 in. wide; and the EMSeal in widths up to
54 in. Pressure-sensitive machines include
the Applikator 2R and 4R Plus in sizes up to
53.5 and 56 in.; and the Makrolam 1650 and
2R 1650. Multi-purpose (hot and cold) laminators
include the Triseal, which handles
media up to 54 in. wide and 0.5 in. thick, and
the Makrolam HC.


Makes an assortment of lamination equipment"?
both thermal and pressure-sensitive"?
that offer widths up to 80 in. and are
able to laminate materials as wide as 0.75 in.
GBC's product lines include Spartan, Catena,
Talon, Arctic Titan, Orca, and Falcon.


Canadian manufacturer of TCC2700, a 27-in.
pouch laminator.


A sister company of GBC, Ibico sells wide-format
laminators such as the 31-in. Patriot
27HS (with infrared heating), 25-in. Patriot
25HC, 40-in. Patriot 38HC, and the 61-in.
Patriot 62C.

Keundo Corp.

Produces the Supra Coater 3300, LR3200,
and LR1600 liquid laminators, which have
lamination widths from5.25 to 10.8 ft and
speeds up to 68 sq ft/min.

Lami Corporation

Manufactures LamiGorilla and LamiMonkey
laminators. LamiGorilla offers heated, low-heat,
pressure-sensitive, and liquid lamination
models up to 62 in. wide and maximum thicknesses
of 1.2 in. The LamiMonkey laminates
up to 28 in. wide and speeds up to 112 in./min.

LEDCO/Graphic Laminating

Offers a wide variety of laminators. Ledco's
Digital 42, 44, and 60 Laminators will laminate
(one or two sides), encapsulate, mount
(with heat-activated dry mount or cold, pressure-
sensitive adhesives) or mount and laminate
in one pass; Signmaster 44-in. laminator
applies pressure-sensitive material,
mounting, and laminates; and the HD 38/60
industrial laminators feature variable speed-control
with speeds up to 35 ft/min.

LexJet Direct

The LexJet 2700C is a pressure-sensitive
cold laminating machine for laminating and
mounting. It accommodates media up to 27
in. wide and 0.5 in. thick.