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Leaf Unveils Aptus S-series Camera Backs

(January 2007) posted on Wed Jan 03, 2007

New series improves capture speed.

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At Photokina, Leaf launched three new camera backs in its S-series: the Leaf Aptus 75S, 65S, and 54S. The new series improves the speed of capture, delivering shooting speeds up to 0.8 sec/frame, or as many as 75 frames/min with unlimited burst depths.

To achieve these speeds, the backs use advanced, accelerated image-processing hardware, which incorporates a new lossless image-compression engine. In addition, Leaf has doubled the CCD sensor readout speed in order to accelerate shooting speeds and has doubled the buffer size.

* The 33-Mpxl Aptus 75S features a 48 x 36-mm CCD, top speed of 1.1 sec/frame, up to 53 frames/min, and ISO sensitivity from 50 to 800.

* The 28-Mpxl 65S offers a 44 x 33-mm CCD, speeds up to 0.9 sec/frame, 63 frames/min, and ISO sensitivity from 50 to 800.

* The 22-Mpxl Aptus 54S offers a 48 x 36-mm CCD, a top speed of 0.8 sec/frame, 75 frames/min, and ISO sensitivity of 25 to 400.

The S-series backs also feature: a built-in 6 x 7-cm touchscreen LCD; Leaf Capture 10.1 software; SanDisk CompactFlash Extreme IV card technology for portable shooting; and a new FireWire 800 connection for maximum tethered speed.

Prices: Aptus 75S, $32,995; Aptus 65S, $20,995; Aptus 54S, $24,995.