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Left Dakota Upgrades Link-o-later

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Creates ICC device links

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Left Dakota has upgraded Link-o-later, its
flagship color-management product, to
version 2.0. The second version of this
program for creating ICC device links
offers 29 new features, including support
for Macintosh OS X, black overprint protection,
pure channel dot gain compensation,
paper white scum-dot elimination, CMY
profile support, the ability to select profiles
from any location, and the ability to
preserve 100% red, green, and blue for
color bar protection.

"Many printers and prepress shops
throughout the country are taking advantage
of Link-o-later to enhance their control
of the color-matching process to their
desired target conditions," says Eric Magnusson,
president of Left Dakota. "[The]
added features make our ICC links valuable
for inkjet proofing as well as file
repurposing and high-end digital dot
proof control."

ICC device links are supported by
many leading inkjet proofing RIPS including:
Iris, Onyx, Wasatch, Oris, Scanvec
Amiable, and the upcoming versions of
EFI/Best's RIPs. Link-o-later is distributed
by Enovation Graphic Systems. (Left Dakota: