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Lessening the Hype of JDF

(June 2005) posted on Fri Jun 03, 2005

Orlando VUE/Point Conference stresses workflow, variable data, and more.

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By Gregory Sharpless, Stephen Beals

This year's VUE/Point Conference took
place for the first time in Orlando, quite
the change from its previous years in
Washington, DC. Not only could attendees
be found poolside soaking up the rays
during session breaks, but many also
brought spouses and children with them
to enjoy Disney, Universal, and the other
nearby entertainment venues"?two
major changes in the conference's feel
and tone.

Another major change in the conference,
this in its content, was that JDF
took a back seat to other topics. Last
year, JDF had two daytime sessions
devoted to it (including the leadoff session
on day one), and was the item of
discussion, even when it wasn't on the
docket. This year, JDF was demoted to a
night session, one that wasn't all that
well attended.

Why the change? Says Mike Vinocur,
Vue/Point's conference organizer, "We
deliberately did not run a JDF session,
per se, because we felt it's been overhyped
and isn't really 'there' to the
extent we've been promised. The
evening roundtable was attended by
maybe 75 people, but disproportionately
by vendors. It would have been really
interesting if we had had more printers
there. Jim Harvey [executive director of
CIP4] really made the focus more on
'automation' than 'JDF' and barely discussed
current interoperability capabilities
"?a sign to me that he realizes they
need to pull back a little on their promises.
It was a fun, animated discussion/
debate, but in many ways it further
supported just why we didn't do a 'JDF
session.' We try to focus on today's reality
from the perspective mainly of midsized
printers, and in that marketplace
the JDF story is still a bit limited I think."

Beyond the absence of JDF, this year's
conference offered, as always, some solid
advice to print providers on a variety of

Is soft proofing practical?