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LexJet Enhances, Simplifies PSA Laminate Line

(March 2011) posted on Thu Mar 10, 2011

Three product categories include Performance, Elite, and Specialty lines.

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LexJet has enhanced and simplified its line of PSA laminates and backers, arranging them into three basic products categories: Performance, Elite, and Specialty.
• Performance: an economically priced line of laminates and backers; most products in this category feature the same adhesives and base materials as the Elite line.
• Specialty: this product line features warranted, durable laminates “that meet all the demands of specialty applications, including floor, carpet, vehicle wrap, optically clear, and dry-erase,” LexJet reports.
• Elite: features high performance and quality, a durable solvent acrylic adhesive, and PreLume, an optical reflection technology designed to produce brighter and cleaner white areas and greater contrast and dynamic range; most products in the Elite line come with a lifetime warranty.
The adhesives in all three product lines are compatible with aqueous, low solvent, solvent, UV curable, and latex inks, says the company.