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LexJet Lowers Cost of Making Banners on Aqueous Inkjets

(June 2003) posted on Tue Jun 10, 2003

UltraBanner blockout scrim vinyl sells for $0.79/sq ft

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LexJet's new UltraBanner is a waterproof, 19-mil, blockout scrim vinyl banner priced at $0.79/sq ft. It is the fourth in a series of receptor-coated media products designed to help users of aqueous-system inkjet printers reduce the cost of producing banners and outdoor promotional graphics.

According to LexJet's John Lane, "UltraBanner is the first blockout scrim vinyl to break the $100 per roll price barrier." He estimates that graphic producers can reduce material costs by as much as 60%, and says, "This enables our customers to offer a higher quality solution at higher profit margins."

A 36-in. x 40-ft. roll of UltraBanner lists for $95; a 50-in. wide roll is $132, and a 60-in wide roll is $158.

Other products in LexJet's line of low-cost, waterproof graphic materials include Thrifty Banner, a 15-mil scrim vinyl banner that sells for $0.59/sq ft, an adhesive-backed, 6-mil polypropylene film that lists for $0.49/sq ft., and an 8-mil polypropylene banner that lists for $0.39/sq ft. (LexJet Direct: