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Make This Year’s ISA Expo a Food Adventure

(March 2013) posted on Wed Feb 27, 2013

Hit up these seven off- 'the-strip' eateries while at ISA Expo 2013.

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By Craig Miller

So you’re coming to Vegas for the ISA Expo April 4-6, 2013. The show is at Mandalay Bay, which is a great venue. First, it’s one of the newer hotels, is nicely decorated, has a great conventions space, and – unlike the Las Vegas Convention Center – there’s plenty of free parking. Most importantly for me it is five minutes from our shop, Pictographics. Mandalay is the last hotel/casino at the far South end of “The Strip.” From here, it is simply too far to walk to a lot of the other points of interest on the strip. Given the hike and the abundant free parking you have two good reasons to rent a car. The other reason: you have an opportunity to do something different. Forget the casinos and make a getaway. Yes, The Strip and Freemont Street have blinking lights that stay on all night, but they also provide you with more ways than numbers on a Keno card to drain your bank account. So why not break away from the lemmings this trip to Sin City. Forget the gaming (sorry; we use a euphemism for gambling here). Forget the loud and overpriced celebrity-chef Strip restaurants. Let’s get you out of those casinos, away from the flashing lights, and into that rental car.

For those of you who don’t plan on renting a car, what is wrong with you? You are going to save enough money to pay for the damned car just by stepping away from those tables, machines, and Maîtres d's. In fact, you are going to save so much money you can upgrade to a convertible. Come on, it’s Vegas, baby! Average April highs are 78 degrees. You’ve gotta eat, slip away from the show, put the top down, drive a few minutes, and eat a great lunch. You can come back and walk the isles revived. Rent that red Mustang or Camaro convertible you have always wanted. When ISA is over you can cruise off in style to see some of the most incredible sights and America’s great South West.