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Making the Leap into Electronic Digital Signage

(December 2012) posted on Tue Dec 13, 2011

Is this dynamic medium the next horizon for print service providers? Here are four print shops that have experienced varying degrees of success with electronic digital signage and display work.

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By Michael Antoniak

All of which has Osborne encouraging her clients to see the company in a new way. “I’m trying to position Visual Impressions as not just a graphics or digital signage provider,” she closes, “With all we now offer, I want our customers to think of us as their merchandising solutions company.”

New revenue streams: Signs by Tomorrow
Five years ago, when Rob Kaun took his first look at adding digital-signage capabilities to his Signs By Tomorrow franchise in York, Pennsylvania (, he was put off by the costs.

“The pricing of systems and media players at the time was outrageous, and wasn’t something I could even see my Tier 1 clients investing in,” he recalls. But it was that price, and not the technology itself which delayed entry into what has turned out to be a profitable new venture. “I knew the market would eventually be moving in that direction, and that one day it would be a good fit for my business.”

So, Kaun kept an eye on developments in the dynamic signage arena while managing a prosperous business with traditional sign products. Then, about three years ago, he was approached by a representative of a company called Creosity ( to gauge his interest in its SignPassage digital signage network of products.

“I told him I needed a system that was cost-effective, easy to operate, and could display both stills and animation.” Creosity covered all those bases with a flexible integrated solution of monitors, media players, and cloud-based content-development and management.

Kaun agreed to test the system, found it to measure up to his expectations, and has been marketing the SP digital signage system to clients ever since. His first customer was a local beer distributor to promote multiple brands and current specials. He’s also sold systems into a variety of retail outlets, schools, and restaurants.