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Markzware Offers FlightCheck Professional, Designer Upgrades

(August 2004) posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004

Includes support for Adobe Creative Suite

Markzware has upgraded both Flight-
Check Professional and FlightCheck
Designer. Available as a free download
from the company's website, the upgrades
to FlightCheck Professional and Designer
5.10 (Designer is a lighter version of Professional
aimed toward the graphicdesign
market) include: a "Similar Named
Spot Color" ground control, which alerts a
user when two or more similar, but differently-
named spot colors reside in a digital
document; a "Multiple Collectable Fonts"
ground control, that warns a user when
more than one font of the same name is
found in the system or user-defined path;
and improved PDF flight plans, including
expanded options for PDF/X.

In addition, the updates also include
support for Adobe Creative Suite applications
"?including Photoshop CS and InDesign
CS as well as added support for Acrobat
6 and Macromedia FreeHand MX 11.

Also available is an upgrade to
FlightCheck Professional 5.5, available for
purchase from Markzware's website. Cost
is $120 to upgrade from 5.x. To purchase
the standalone product is $607. To
upgrade to FlightCheck Designer 5.5 from
5.x costs $96, and to purchase the new
version outright is $242. (Markzware:


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