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Maxing Out Visibility

(December 2012) posted on Mon Dec 10, 2012

Twelve display systems to help bring your client’s message to the fore.

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EZ Interactive is a 39 x 93-in. EZ Fabric wall that’s combined with a monitor and an electronics package including eight sensors and a computer. The monitor, sensors, and computer are completely contained within an 80-mm wall, making for a compact and versatile display. The wall includes eight LED-lit proximity sensors, allowing users to select from the corresponding eight media files that are preloaded into the system. When users wave a hand in front of the sensors to select the media they want to see, LED-lit sensors light up briefly behind the fabric, clearly indicating what media was selected. Video as well as still images can be loaded and played. Energy use: 1.25 amps (150 watts).


Far Above the Madding Crowd
A branded tent is, of course, a solid display option for almost any event – but why stop there? You can bring added attention to the tent with this Sail Sign Mount from Creative Banner Assemblies. The mount is secured to the tent frame leg, allowing it to hold a sail sign flag that will fly high above the tent top – ensuring your client’s message is seen by the event’s crowds. The Sail Sign Mount is recommended for the company’s 8- and 11-ft Sail Signs and for its Deluxe and Premium Event Tent products. The Creative Banner Sail Signs with flexible fiberglass poles and reinforced pole pockets are available in three sizes and three shapes; the Event Tents are available in sizes up to 120 x 127 in.


Brilliant and Flexible
A sophisticated alternative to backlit fluorescent and edgelit LED light boxes, the Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box from Stylmark combines the best aspects of each technology for a vivid and consistent display of branded graphics. Its premium light source contains a panel of LEDs that provide more than 1000 footcandles of illumination, ensuring all graphic sizes are evenly lit and illumination is uniformly diffuse without hot spots or visible emitters, the company reports.

Its LED technology provides for low-power consumption, long lifespan, and few failure points, while its modern frame boasts sleek corners and six standard anodized finishes (custom finishes available). The ADA-compliant Optima 1000 can also be a standalone fixture or incorporated into larger illuminated displays with shelving. Available in four standard sizes (20 x 24, 24 x 36, 30 x 40, and 36 x 48 in.); 2.5-in. depth from wall.


Bring on the Hugs
Bring a product, character, or shape to life with the Inflatable Costumes from Above All Advertising. These costumes are designed to not only garner attention but also allow for a direct interaction with customers in a very memorable way. All costumes are customizable as to shape, color, and more; each costume is flexible enough to retain its shape after being hugged or grabbed. A battery-powered interior fan system keeps the wearer cool; foot straps inside rubber-soled shoes allow for the costume wearer’s easy entrance. Applications include tradeshows, sporting events, and anywhere else your client might want to be seen.