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MeasureColor’s Mobile Device and App

(May 2017) posted on Mon May 01, 2017

Color management from users’ smartphones.

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MeasureColor has released its Mobile device and app duo. The device captures surface color data with a dedicated light source and then displays the data on the smartphone app, which is compatible with operating systems dating back to iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation, and Android 5.0. The USB-charged device features a tri-stimulus XYZ sensor, full-spectrum white LEDs, and patented and patent-pending color algorithms in CIE Lab, LCH, sRGB, HEX, and more color formats. The app offers the ability to import colors in order to customize the user’s library. The company reports the device has accuracy of 90% on fan decks and short-term repeatability is less than 0.1 dE.