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Media is the Message

(August 2009) posted on Wed Aug 12, 2009

More than 100 media sources for your next job.

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InteliCoat Technologies
Magic brand offers a variety of media for aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers. Media range from paper and banner to self-adhesives and films. 

International Paper
Accent Opaque line for inkjet.

iVivid vinyl and film for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent inks.

Japan Pulp and Paper USA
Wide-format paper and film for aqueous inkjets (dye and pigment).

Kanzaki Specialty Papers
KS paper and film for aqueous.

Kapco Graphic Products
Media lines include vinyl, self-adhesive, banner, and film for aqueous and solvent inks.

Kimoto Tech
Super KimoJet and KimoJet graphic media for aqueous printers.

Kodak Wide-Format Media (paper, vinyl, and banner) for aqueous.

Legion Paper
Moab Entrada and Colorado paper.

Leinix Enterprises
LEeyes Digital Signage vinyl and paper for aqueous and solvent printers.

LexJet and Sunset films, self-adhesive, banner, paper, for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inkjets, more.

LG Chemical America
LG Vizuon and Bannux banner, pressure-sensitive, and films.

Liberty Photo
Liberty Signature Series banner, vinyl, film, and paper.

Lintec of America
L-AG Mother Green films, Printerior wall media.

Opaljet media for solvents, Opaljet translucent media, more.

MacDermid Autotype
SigmaGraf films for aqueous or UV-curable printing, and FootPrint floor-graphics systems.

Imagin series of self-adhesive and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable printers.

Mehler Texnologies
Valmex Backlit, Truck, and Blockout.

Metamark Digital Media includes vinyl, polyester, and one-way vision film. Distributed by Splash of Color in the US.

Milano Digital
Milano Digital products for aqueous and solvent inkjets includes film, banners, and vinyl.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper
Jetscript films and specialty papers.

Mitsubishi Imaging
DiamondJet paper and film—photograde, matte, proofing and specialty. Also: Pictorico paper and films for aqueous inks.

Vinyl and banner media specifically designed for the ValueJet 1608 and 1618.

Nazdar Source One
ImageStar paper, vinyl, self-adhesive, and film for aqueous, solvent mild-solvent,
and UV-curable.

Neo Media America
LFP for aqueous and Solink film and vinyl for mild-solvent and solvent.