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Mimaki Adds JV5 Grand-Format Printers

(December 2010) posted on Wed Jun 13, 2007

Designed to combine long-time/continuous printing with increased speeds and high image quality.

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Mimaki has debuted grand-format additions to its JV5 line of solvent printers, the JV5-260S and JV5-320S. The printer duo is designed to combine long-time/continuous printing with increased speeds and high image quality, while offering larger maximum print widths: The 260S can print up to 102 in., while the 320S offers a print width of 128 in.

Both printers feature the staggered printhead arrangement that Mimaki is now utilizing in its JV5 line, and both can generate a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi. The JV5-260S can achieve a top speed of 581 sq ft/hr (at 540 x 720 dpi) and a speed of 269 sq ft/hr at 720 x 1440 dpi; the 320S can hit a top speed of 645 sq ft/hr at 540 x 720 dpi and a speed of 279 sq ft/hr at 720 x 1440 dpi (all speeds are in 4-color mode).

Offering a 6- or 4-color mode (CMYKcm or CMYK), the printers can utilize Mimaki’s ES3 eco-solvent inks as well as its HS rugged solvent inks. Both machines can print on media up to 1-mm thick, and they automatically detect media thickness and adjust head-height gap to generate the best print quality. A new media encoder feeds media evenly without any influence of media weight.

Other JV5-260S/320S features include:

* An automatic nozzle-out detection to reduce loss of media and wasted ink.

* A feeding and take-up device for heavy media (the 320S can handle a roll weight up to 286.6 lb, while the 260S can support a roll weight of 220.5 lb).

* Auto-change double ink cartridges for long, consistent printing (maximum capacity of 1.76 l/color).

* A large post-heater to enable high-speed printing (in addition to pre-heater and print heater); an external dryer is optional.

Both printers ship with Raster Link Pro II RIP.

The JV5-260S and 320S are expected to be available in October 2007. Prices had yet to be set at press time.



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