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Mimaki to Introduce CG-75ML Cutter

(December 2005) posted on Wed Dec 21, 2005

34-in. wide cutter being sold with JV3-75SPII

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Mimaki has announced that it will introduce
a 34-in. wide CG-75ML contour cutter.
The CG-75ML (the "ML" stands for
"Media Link") has two automation features
"?bar code reading and an intelligent
transport system"?that set it apart from
Mimaki's other line of cutters, the CG-
75FX. The barcode reader allows the system
to read print-cut parameters, while
the intelligent transport allows the user to
gang print-cut jobs for smooth workflow.

The CG-75ML is being sold as a companion
cutter to the Mimaki JV3-75SPII 4-color
solvent-inkjet printer. The combo system is
designed for short-run label and sticker
manufacturing in non-food applications.