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Moab by Legion Paper Product Line

Colorado Fiber, LaSal Photo, and more.

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Legion Paper has announced its new product line, Moab by Legion Paper, which is a result of its acquisition of Moab Paper Company in November 2006. The line consists of five product families including: the new Colorado Fiber and LaSal Photo products, plus Entrada Rag, Somerset Enhanced, and Anasazi Canvas.

Colorado Fiber is a new fiber art paper intended for high-quality photographic reproduction. Compatible with desktop and large-format printers, Colorado Fiber is made of alpha cellulose and is acid-free; it features a neutral pH, advanced tri-coating for maximum gamut and high d-max, and boasts a wide color gamut, the company reports. The 245-gsm paper comes in two versions: Gloss and Satine. Both are available in sheets and rolls.

LaSal Photo papers feature polyethylene coatings and ink-receptive layers to ensure optimum ink control and absorption, designed for the photographer wishing to use a traditional photographic surface. The LaSal Photo papers are available in three versions: Gloss, Luster, and Matte. The Gloss and Luster papers are available in 270 gsm and in sheets and rolls; the Matte paper is available in 235-gsm double-sided sheets and 230-gsm single-sided rolls.