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NCD Introduces v. 5 of EasySign Software

(January 2006) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2006

Modular software for design, printing, and cutting

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EasySIGN Version 5, from NCD Designs in
The Netherlands, is a modular software
that allows several different components
to be joined together in various combinations
to create a customized solution for
design, large-format printing, color management,
and routing and cutting.

Its signmaking (design and cutting)
software is available in three levels:
Starter, which upgrades graphic-design
software such as CorelDraw or Adobe
Illustrator with sign cutting and output
abilities; Professional, which combines
sign-design productivity and features
such as a template wizard, scanning,
shadows, and nesting; and Master, which
includes all the tools in the Professional
version, plus object manager, transparency,
color vectorization, and more.

NCD's color-printing software comes
in two levels, both featuring support for
6-color printers and variable-dot printing:
Print Server-Pro, a RIP with a Jaws
PostScript/PDF engine; and Print Server-
Master, which adds an Internet-enabled
logbook and simultaneous printing on
multiple devices.

Also available is a Routing/Engraving
module, which extends the software into
solid signs. All modules can be used in
combination with each other; users can
add modules as needs expand.

EasySign 5 Starter: approximately
$353; Professional: $1414; Master:
$2,358; Print Server-Pro: $1651; Print
Server-Master: $2830; and Routing/
Engraving: $1051.