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New Distribution Paths for X-Rite Color-Management Tools

(September 2004) posted on Thu Sep 09, 2004

At J&R and Fry's Electronics

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Beginning this fall, retailers J&R and Fry's Electronics will carry X-Rite MonacoEZcolor color-management software and MonacoOPTIX XR monitor calibrator for creating ICC profiles for monitors, digital cameras, scanners, and printers.

"This is a significant win for X-Rite as we continue to grow our market share and brand in the digital-imaging, photographic market," says Joan Andrew, X-Rite's vice president of global sales. "Both J&R and Fry's Electronics are well-respected destinations for those customers who require color management from digital image to print."

J&R's megastore in New York City and Fry's Electronics' 28 stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington will carry X-Rite products. (X-Rite:; J & R:; Fry's Electronics: